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Website Update, Feb 2010

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It's been a busy week at If you've visited the forum you'll have seen that we've had a major upgrade - you can read about it in this thread. I'm personally quite excited about the new possibilities.

The Newsroom is starting to take shape. So far I've posted a few quick stories to help get the system working and I'm still fine-tuning it. I'm aiming to post at least a few stories most weeks but we'll see how it goes.

We've been commissioning a few more articles and tutorials for the website. To be honest we're having trouble finding top-class writers who can write about electronic media production. If you think you have the chops to write for, let me know. We can only pay per-article on a part-time basis (we don't have enough money for full-time staff - yet). Please, only serious writers with a solid command of written English.

Here are a few recent examples from different writers:

Create a Video to Sell Your Home

How to Prepare for Studio Recording with a Click-Track

Quick tips for photographing a wedding

Extend Your Wireless Internet Range
What is "virtualization"?
What is SQL?
What is XML?
Why Choose Linux?

The plan for 2010 is for me to be working pretty much full-time on My first task will be to figure out where to go with the MC Media Player (any Flash video gurus out there?). After that, the next priority is to tidy and update parts of the website that are looking old and tired (big job). At the same time I'll be plugging away writing and commissioning new tutorials, so I hope to see a lot of development this year.

One area we want to develop is our YouTube channel (still empty so there's no point linking to it). I wanted to wait until we had a good system for easily posting Videos in the forum and newsroom. Now that we have it, look out for more video tutorials and other stuff.

The website is now averaging around 30,000 unique visitors per day. It goes from strength to strength and we're all very grateful to each and every one of you.


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  1. SC358's Avatar
    This is certainly great news, Dave! I have been slowly digging around the new look. You seem to have much more going on that what can be perceived at a glance. It's funny how ambitious I feel about many things but I just don't have the time to commit to something new. I need to clean my own house before I can help on other levels. I guess that's what I like so much about MC ~ give concise advice every so often.
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