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History in the making

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There seems to be a lot of things going on - don't you think? I mean technology wise. 3D movies have reached a new level with the movie, "Avatar" creating new standards. 3D screens are now being pioneered for home use.

A couple of DSLR cameras can shoot video and new rigs are being created. (Why not just stick to a video camera?)

Super or Ultra HD standards are almost complete but have yet to come to the USA. (My plasma HD is only 3 years old)

What use to be wireless is now wired; what use to be wired is now wireless.

The postal services will be cutting back due to lack consumer usage.

My wife and I can sit in our living room or lay in bed together, with our individual laptops and still be connected to friends we don't see often.

Our social graces of meeting people every so often just to have laughs and catch up is losing it's humanity in one way, as we learn to communicate digitally by texting, twittering, linking in, emailing and the like - we're more isolated yet communicating more?

So in another 30 or 40 years, when I look back at this in my old age, what will it look like? A hundred years from now... will I still be remembered?

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  1. Dave's Avatar
    You're absolutely right, it seems like the promises of the last couple of decades are suddenly all happening at once - for better or worse. I resisted being social online but eventually I had no choice and now I use Facebook more than email to contact friends. I look at my expensive HD TV and it's already starting to look old (remember when TVs lasted decades?). My Palm smartphone works perfectly well but I tire of jibes from smug iPhone users who don't appreciate the ethic of making things last.

    Don't get me started on how texting is affecting language skills.

    I'm a tech addict and yet I honestly can't decide whether new technology is helping or hurting us as a species. My plan is to ride the wave, have fun, try to encourage positive uses for technology and hope for the best.
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