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RIP Margaret Moth

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Internationally renowned photojournalist Margaret Moth (Wikipedia page) has died of cancer aged 59.

  • She initially wanted to be a mechanic but could not get an apprenticeship.
  • Instead she became New Zealand's first female television news camera operator.
  • Wanted to change her name to Tiger Moth but wasn't allowed.
  • Covered the Persian Gulf War, the rioting that followed Indira Gandhi's assassination, the civil war in Tbilisi, Georgia, and the war in Sarajevo.
  • Almost killed (and lost much of her face) when she was shot in the face covering the war in Sarajevo in 1992.
  • A fearless skydiver and an enthusiastic bell ringer.

Quote: Margaret Moth
I would have liked to have gone out with a bit more flair but I feel I can die with dignity. I don't think it matters how long you live, so long as you can say: 'I've got everything out of life'.

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