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Does 3-D Affect Your Health?

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We've seen the 3-D hype, now we're moving into the backlash phase. More and more people are expressing concern/indignation about the onslaught of 3-D content.

Typical is this article from CNN that worries about short and long-term health effects of watching 3-D. There are some good points made, especially the fact that we really don't know what effect prolonged 3-D exposure has since people have traditionally only watched the duration of a movie in one sitting.

Also significant is the trend of 3-D hardware manufacturers to add health warnings to their products. Samsung's warnings about epileptic seizures, stroke, motion sickness, perceptual after-effects, disorientation, eye strain and decreased postural stability sound ominous indeed. However it's probably safe to assume that the warnings are based on worst-case speculation as much as actual research, in order to mitigate against any possible legal action in future.

If 3-D is to progress, this is a topic that needs to be investigated. Hopefully the major manufacturers will see the benefit of getting the research underway as soon as possible so this won't drag on forever.

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  1. MANUGRA22's Avatar
    Yes, but not in general.
    Only a part of the brain that is joined to nervous system of the eye.
    And on the eye the affected pat is especially the scrotum of the eye.
    But don't worry, is not very harmfull.
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