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New to our download section is a small selection of free music downloads. We've only got a couple of tracks so far (with several versions each), but if there's enough interest we'll look at commissioning more soon.

We're paying a local muso to compose and record these files, so:
(1) Feel free to make a donation.
(2) If you think you can do better and you'd like to contribute, please contact us.

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  1. Guest - Jakeman3's Avatar
    you've got a few nice pieces there. Any chance you can offer Light Rock 1.1 with bass & drums only? Or at least for 8 bars before you add more instruments.
    Thanks - Jakeman3 - Torrance, CA
  2. Dave's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately that particular file is done and dusted but I'll ask the guy who did it if he can provide a drum/bass version in the next round.
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