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This week we're taking a look at an interesting company called They're the company behind those coloured shortcut keyboards you may have seen in studios all around the country.

Editors Keys specialise in shortcut keyboards for a range of programs such as Avid, Final Cut, Premiere, Pro Tools and Photoshop. The company offers a guarantee that if the shortcut keyboards don't speed up your editing by up to 40%, they'll offer a full money back promise! They work by showing all of the keyboard shortcuts on your keyboard to save you time trailing through all the menus and tool bars.

More interestingly they've just launched a range of recording gear which includes new studio quality USB Microphones and portable vocal booths to help record some great voiceovers in your home studio.

I've just received some keyboard sets in the mail (see photo below) and I'll try to have a go with them ASAP. We've requested some more products from the company, so look out for a review coming soon!

For more information check out the link below:
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  1. lake54's Avatar
    Saw that site a while ago - they look good, but what I want to know is what the quality is like, i.e. how long will they last before they fade/unstick from the keyboard?

  2. Dave's Avatar
    I'll let you know. I've put the Final Cut set on my Mac keyboard and it took around 20 minutes (including cleaning the keyboard first with the supplied wipe). It went smoothly and the quality seems good - it looks like it will last well. I'll keep you posted.
  3. ChrisHarding's Avatar
    Within 12 months they start getting VERY sticky so you end up with great stickers that were not used on a regular basis and total writeoffs on well used ones!! The labels actually start to de-laminate after a lot of use and the adhesive starts to ooze out making the key very sticky. The only solution is to rip off all the labels and buy a new set. Mine started to fail within 6 months of use unfortunately!!!

    Sorry guys, but I wouldn't use them again!!!
  4. Heinrich's Avatar
    Thank you for the post. These shortcut keyboards work very well and the biggest plus is the time saved.
  5. Dave's Avatar
    Update: It's been almost two years now and the keys are still doing fine, in fact they're in practically the same state as when I put them on. To be fair I don't use this particular keyboard heavily (maybe an hour per day) but I still think it's impressive that they've gone this long without any real degradation at all.
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