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At last I've made a start on our YouTube channel. It's a very slow start, but it's a start.

One of the reasons I've been putting this off is that I really don't like being in front of the camera. I'll take just about any position behind the camera but I can't get happy in front of it. Still, we can't (yet) afford a professional presenter so for now you're stuck with me fronting the videos.

You can subscribe to the channel at

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  1. lake54's Avatar
    I'm loving the accent Dave :-D

    Nice work - what software are you using for the studio? I saw something similar to that a week or two ago called Tricaster, nifty stuff!

    You should have a regular spot for Chris to start making a piece of equipment, then partway through say "to find out how to finish it off, subscribe at webaddress" - I'm sure Chris wouldn't mind that!

  2. Dave's Avatar
    Yeah, the accent... that was always going to be a thing. I was actually going to mention it and say that I hope you can understand me. I hope it doesn't turn too many people away. What we really need is a beautiful American baritone voice but you can't have everything.

    I'm just using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and cutting it in post. I reckon this is the first version that comes with an acceptable key for greenscreening. Previously I had to use After Effects for keying. I'm also considering using Vidblaster and cutting it live but this setup will probably be fine for now.

    That's a good idea about Chris. He's agreed to make some sort of appearance so hopefully we'll get something happening. I'm happy to play around with ideas.
  3. lake54's Avatar
    Wow nice skills then!

    Yeah in CS4 it isn't brilliant when I had a chance to try it out, but I reckon most of that was on my part like lighting etc.
  4. nelsonsparxxx's Avatar
    i give thanks to the lord GOD and then finish the rest to your people for you good work you have been doing in these filed of audio/video work , may GOD bless you more and more , how i wish to know more on working on a Camera like films ect
    thanks Nelson from Cameroon
  5. nagar's Avatar
    Hey Dave,

    I think it's a swell resource!

  6. Guest's Avatar
    Terrific knowledge of the technical AND very amiable persona in front of the camera as well.

    Here's a new fan from the USA sending a great big THANK YOU Dave, for sharing your savvy know-how!
  7. boseuu's Avatar
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  8. Guest's Avatar
    Thanks SO much for adding your sounds to the Web for free, I use them in Second Life. Best wishes, Maxx
  9. Guest's Avatar
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