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Premiere Pro CS6

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As a release date approaches, Adobe has unveiled many more features in the CS6 lineup. As far as Premiere Pro goes, it looks like a decent upgrade. Nothing Earth-shattering but plenty of fairly important changes.

I like the look of the new interface. The old interface is still available and I assume you can still dynamically change windows and panels as before. I particularly like the way you can now re-organize and remove buttons in the monitor panels - I always thought they had a lot of empty space, and if you primarily use a keyboard or third-party controller, the buttons are a useless waste of screen space.

In the revamped Project panel you now have 16x9 thumbnails that are much more functional, including setting in-and-out points without having to open the file. And yes, thumbnails appear to have adopted Apple's famous direct scrubbing feature.

Other interesting new features:
- Improved Audio Meter panel.
- Improved Media Browser.
- Expanded multicam support (I'm interested in how this pans out, as I've never thought the multicam feature offered much advantage over traditional methods).
- Improved image stabilization with Warp Stabilizer, and rolling shutter repair.
- Adjustment layers (like After Effects).
- Flexible audio tracks (yay!).
- Many new marker features.
- Easily change sequence settings to match a new clip.
- Quicker method of applying effects.
- Enhanced 64-bit Mercury Playback Engine.
- Perform more functions in real time without interrupting video playback.
- Improved Media Encoder, with flexible render queues and improved presets.
- Improved ingest with Adobe Prelude (available separately).
- Improved color grading with Speedgrade (available separately, this is Adobe's answer to Apple's Color).

Premiere Pro CS5 concentrated on performance improvements more than the interface itself. PPRO CS6 seems to have gone the other way, picking up some slack on the interface and making it all easier and quicker to use. Although Adobe is still promising significant performance boosts, it looks like it's mostly about the interface.

Below: The new default interface, which I love because it's much more how I prefer to set things up anyway:

Download a PDF summary of Premiere Pro CS6:

Check out the Production Premium lineup:

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  1. SaydFuad's Avatar
    -This relaease is so great as you said but until now i have CS5 AND CS6 installed but the problem is CS6 can't import the same file that CS5 can.any idea?
  2. Dave's Avatar
    Which file formats are you having trouble with?
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