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Climbing a Transmission Tower

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I'm not good with heights but I'll climb a camera tower if I have to. Over the years I've climbed some dubious ladders and had some hairy moments, and I've often told stories about them. But after seeing this video I don't think I'll ever complain about a climb again. Watch as two guys climb to the very top of a 1768-foot (539m) transmission tower to perform maintenance work. It's even more insane than you expect.

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  1. SC358's Avatar
    I've heard these guys are in big demand but are they well paid? I'm just sitting in my chair and I'm scared!! They would have to be well paid, like hazard pay. Their insurance premiums must be through the roof...
  2. Dave's Avatar
    I have no idea what they get paid but yeah, I assume it's a nice wage! I'm imagining the conversation these guys have with the insurance company when they explain what they do for a living
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