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Film Shoot Safety Fail

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Have a good look at the series of images below. This was posted online a couple of weeks ago (credits & links at bottom of post). The images are not Photoshopped.

As you can imagine, these photos created several comment streams lambasting the incompetent crew and talking about the pitfalls of hiring inexperienced people.

So what happened? How could a crew get this shoot so badly wrong? Answer honestly before you watch the resulting video...

Yep, it was a setup for a gag. The "crew" were actually part of the scene and it was all fake.

I think there are two things to take away from this:

(1) The ad is a very funny poke at the clichés of auto advertising, using them to creative advantage in an area of marketing where it's hard to find new angles. In addition, the pre-release of the "disaster" photos created a lot of discussion and anticipation. This was a well-executed exercise in viral marketing.

(2) It's a lesson in being careful before you comment online. I read through dozens of comments from people who certainly seemed to know about film production, but I couldn't find a single one who picked the fakery. Of course it's easy for me to say this after the fact, but really... look at the way the crew and equipment are set up ridiculously close to the water, the position of the flecky boards, etc. Also note more clichés such as the director with fold-out chair, beret and megaphone!

BTW, if you're wondering about the talent in this video, it's "That Guy" (Leigh Hart) and rugby legend Colin Meads. Leigh Hart actually owns the production company Moon Enterprises that made the ad and is behind many well-known New Zealand comedy series such as Moon TV and Leigh Harts Mysterious Planet.

Anyway, well done to Ssangyong New Zealand and Moon Enterprises. Thanks for the fun.

Photography: Brady Dyer Photography
Production: Moon Enterprises

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    Here is a small blog post about the Rexton shoot:
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    I work in video production, and hadn't seen that ad before. Very clever, and very well made. Sometimes, I wish more stateside car firms would let their teams have as much creativity as that. But, as the ad points out, we generally get exactly what it's mocking.

    - Andy
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