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Will I buy a new Mac Pro?

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A lot of people have been asking me whether I intend to buy one of the new Mac Pros. To be honest I was hoping to avoid talking about it but I guess people want to know what I think.

Of course the new 2013 Mac Pro isn't out yet so I haven't tried one. I'm only going on the specs but in this case I think that's enough to make a good decision. The answer is no.

It's not that I have anything much against the new Mac Pro, it's just that I don't see anything much in favor of it.

Thanks to Apple's previous neglect of its professional hardware (e.g. Mac Pro 2012) and software (e.g. Final Cut X, Logic Pro) I've been reluctant to upgrade my old Mac. I still use it, just not for anything serious. I've got quite comfortable with PCs as my main working computers and to be honest I'm loving it, especially with Windows 8 running seamlessly across multiple devices (if only my iMac, iPad and iPhone worked as well together!).

I've got a few more thoughts about the new Mac Pro and why I'm not buying it here:

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