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Ezequiel Lavezzi Trips Cameraman

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This morning I saw a particularly moronic action from a professional footballer. Ezequiel Lavezzi, from Paris Saint-Germain, deliberately tripped a steadicam operator and caused him and his equipment to crash to the ground. You can watch the shocking display at the following link:

I hesitate to link to this page because, unbelievably, the Mirror seemed to find it just as funny as Lavezzi and his teammates did.

Just in case anyone is wondering what the problem is, this "prank" was incredibly dangerous. Steadicams are heavy, difficult rigs to control. The fall could have caused the operator a career-ending injury. Not to mention the cost - Steadicam operators tend to own their own equipment and the damage could have put him out of business.

I ask everyone who reads this (especially French speakers) to consider contacting the club to complain about Lavezzi's action, the fact that he left the poor operator on the ground, walked away laughing with his equally-moronic teammates.

Lavezzi's Twitter handle is @PochoLavezzi

The club's website is and Facebook page

UPDATE: James Milligan ( has been following this issue and he reports that the operator and equipment are fine. Apparently Lavezzi has apologized.

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