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    Minimum Configuration Required

    Hi folks!

    I'm willing to start editing short films (digital movies) in my personal computer. I have no previous experience on doing this kind of thing, and I'd like to know if you could help me on this.
    What configuration is required to perform this task well? I wonder to use Adobe Premiere to video editing, and my camcoder is a Canon GL 1.
    I'm thinking on a 1024MB RAM, and a 120GB HD. Do ya think it's enough? What about the video and audio boards? Which should I buy in order to get good results? It is also required a firewire board, right? What else do I need?
    I appreciate your help!
    Thank ya!
    (sorry about my crappy english)

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    Hi Agatha,

    Your computer specs seem okay to me.

    I think Premiere is a good choice. It really needs a Pentium 4 to work well - you can see the exact system requirements here:

    You will want a firewire port so make sure that's included with your computer.

    To be honest, I don't think you need to have the biggest and best video and audio cards. Any mid-range cards should be fine. Of course, if you can afford good equipment you should go for it.

    Most of the advantages in high-performance editing computers are related to speed and usability. The actual quality of the video won't be affected.
    Dave Owen


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