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    Sound Technician asking for guidelines

    Well, as you may imagine :P, I'm a sound technician. Well, first of all I should say I'm Spanish so, mind my English . I'm not into video and would like to learn things about it, especially because I've seen some exams for working on TV as sound tech and there are lots of things I don't know. Of course I'm not saying "I'll have a look at that famous book mmmmm Being a TV master in 15 hours", but at least have a starting point in order to search for more information via internet and at least have the basics and afterwads enrol on a course or buy books.

    One of the questions I read were "What are test lines, and UER bars, and what parameters can be measured with them".

    Take for sure that any question related to sound which I would be able to answer will be accepted .

    Hugs and kisses from Spain

    PD: The answer can be an explanation, a link... or if best, a chat via msn. Thanks in advance for any kind of them

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    Test patterns are the video equivalent of audio test tone. Just like you use tone to set up levels and monitor the quality of a sound signal, you use test patterns to set up and monitor video equipment. Parameters include video gain level, chroma level, chroma phase, synch phase, etc. Video signals are much more complex than audio signals and there are a lot of parameters.

    UER stands for Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision ( I'm not familiar with their technical publications but "UER bars" sounds like a set of reference bars (a type of test pattern) approved by the union.

    Some examples of test patterns can be found at:

    There's plenty to learn. You can start with our video section and take it from there.
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    EBU would be a great resource for you. Hopefully there would be a Chapter of the organization near you. They may hold lectures and seminars that would be very educational and informative. Here in the U.S. we have S.M.P.T.E., Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers which is the equivlent of EBU that have created and established standards & practices for both industries. There are some local chapters through out the states and regions.

    One of the major broadcast manufacturer's has a website, Check out their e-learning resources, it will most definitely be helpful.
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