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    Free Music for projects?

    I searched for sources of free music for video projects here, and could not find any that refer to this. I know the forum says no to people trying to sell stuff on here, but what if it's being given away free? No strings. No catch?

    It seems like that would be a valueable resource for people on a budget and/or people who don't want to worry about copyright and legal issues.


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    I was given permission by Dave Owens to post the link to my website. This is a source of high quality original production music you can use for any projects private and commercial. The music is searchable by mood, genre, and tempo.


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    I forgot to mention. It's free! We don't even ask for an e-mail!!

    I forgot to mention it's free to use for any purpose. No fees. Nothing to sign up for. Heck, we don't even ask for an e-mail!


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    often times free is low quality. You can get royalty free tracks for a low up front fee. But even those are often low quality.

    What kind of music do you need and how many minutes worth do you need?


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