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    Need help with Star Trek tut please

    Hello all,

    I'm working on a Star Trek parody, so I was very pleased to find your Star Trek transporter tut. I'm having an issue with it though, maybe someone can help?

    I'm trying to transport someone off the the bridge. I made my sparkles, put them in my scene per directions, but they are going really slow. It doesn't look anything like it should. What am I doing wrong? The time on them is 00.00.06, there's not enough sparkle frames to cover a 5 second freeze frame.

    Please help. Is there a step I missed?
    Thank you so much!

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    Make sure the duration of each sparkle frame is 00:00:00:01 (one single frame). Most likely the total duration will be short so you'll need to duplicate them until you have enough. Hopefully you got how to do that from the instructions but let me know if you're having trouble or if this doesn't make sense.

    If possible a screenshot of your timeline would be useful. You should be able to upload one as an attachment when you post a message here (Click "Reply to Thread" and then "Manage Attachments").
    Dave Owen

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    That worked like a charm, thank you!

    The only issue I'm having now is that the images for the masks aren't importing into Photoshop at the correct ratio. But that's an issue for another thread.


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