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    Germany's first crowd movie: CASCADEUR RELOADED

    Hello dear MediaCollege community!
    I would like to introduce our effort to produce an international action-adventure feature film: TOGETHER with the creative input of the interested web community. This is a German crowd-sourcing project, but we want to share and to produce it with the whole world, and we will shoot it in English language, because this is the best language for genre films.

    Pre Production begins NOW!

    Who wants to work with us, who wants to give input to this challenge?
    We have already built up a reputation with our adventure movie "CASCADEUR - THE AMBER CHAMBER" (1998), which you can watch for free at (sorry, only in German language. We are working on subtitles!). It is a tribute to Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. We also aroused attention with "AS FAR AS MY FEET WILL CARRY ME" (2001), an epic adventure drama.

    We are looking forward to discuss your ideas and to answer your questions!

    Our website:


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    Hi Duke,

    Just want to say my wife and I saw As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me and we think it's a wonderful, powerful film. Our local theatre had a special screening and the manager did a big promotion for the film. We still talk about it from time to time. Highly recommended.

    I'll watch the other film when the subtitles are done. Would you be able to post a reply here when they're finished?

    All the best with your new project. It would be great if you could keep us informed of your progress.
    Dave Owen

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    We are very pleased with your great feedback and your interest! Of course we are going to contact you when the subtitles are finished or when there are other news. Furthermore you can observe our homepage:
    Are you a filmmaker or rather do you want to become one? Maybe you know people who could participate?
    Do not be afraid of asking questions! We look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,


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