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    fill a form once and have data populate other forms automatically

    I have 4 website APIs with 4 search forms. All the forms are have identical fields.
    I will like the data i enter on one of the forms populate the other 3 forms automatically when I click on the SUBMIT button.
    For example if I enter the name of a course in the "CourseName" field on the formA on WebsiteA, and then click on the submit button, I will like the same course name to be entered in fromB of websiteB, formC of websiteC, and formD of websiteD automatically.
    I was reading and messing up with at CURL but, i cannot seem to figure it up.
    Any high level help or snippet will be very much appreciated.

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    I assume from what you're saying that these forms are on different pages at different websites. If so I can't think of any simple way to do what you need. It sounds like you need a custom form-handling script to take the contents of the original form and submit it to the others. There will also be cross-domain security issues to take into account. To be honest this seems like much more than a code snippet and well into the realm of a paying job.

    Unless someone can see something that I'm missing, I think you need to look at hiring a coder. The good news is that it shouldn't be a big job for an expert. I'm guessing a few hours work would cover it.
    Dave Owen

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    I know this is probably a bit late but ... I use iMacros when I want to input content on multiple sites. It is a plug-in for chrome and firefox. You can have content in a csv and then run the macro and have iMacros go from site to site filling in the fields and clicking the submit button. You can record doing it once and then edit the macro to use what is in your csv. A form of batch processing. Hope that helps.


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