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    Jerky playback in editor

    Ok, so i have been having this problem for a while now when editing videos,
    When i preview my processed video and after i save it to the computer it plays back real jerky like every 3-4 frames have been taken out of the video.

    Im running VSDC free editor at 800x400 resolution on a hp g72 with 3gb ram and intel pentium 2ghz processor

    The camcorder is a Toshiba Camileo H20 @720p

    Also if upload it to youtube will it still be jerky??


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    800x400 is a strange resolution for video - is there a reason for using that setting?

    It shouldn't cause the problem you're describing though. It sounds like there's a mismatch in your settings somewhere. Start by confirming all your settings at every stage, including camera, project settings in the editor, and export settings. In particular make sure you're using the same fps (frames per second) and ensure you're not accidentally going between PAL and NTSC.

    Can you show us one of these videos on YouTube? That might help.
    Dave Owen

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    Are you editing off a local drive? Are you importing the footage from the camera into your computer before you begin editing?

    If you are importing clips into the software directly from the camera then this could cause a similar problem.

    If not, do what Dave said and then post back.



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