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    Dual Monitors in Premier?


    I used to use Final Cut Pro, and I loved the dual screens monitors.

    But in Premier for the PC I can't shift anything onto the second monitor...

    What an I doing wrong???
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    You can't move anything at all onto the second monitor? Although Premiere doesn't have perfect two-monitor support (IMO) you should be able to move palettes and stuff onto the second one. You should also be able to spread the main window across both monitors if you want, but I don't like the way this works so I don't do it.

    Personally I like to keep the main window on the primary monitor and have the second monitor full of palettes.
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    This is exactly the reason you can't move the toolboxes onto the second screen - you have to resize the main window to fit both screens -- it took me forever to figure this one out when I first started playing with a dual display setup


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