I purchased a Sony DCR-TRV140 handy cam @ a yard sale & I LOVE it!!

The PROBLEM is I can't download the video's to my computer?

I wrote to Sony about not being able to download on my home PC w/ XP windows & my laptop w/ 7 windows.

They said that the USB streaming was not supported w/ Windows 7. They also said there is no software compatible w/ windows 7. However I could transfer videos using the supplied AV or an i.LINK cable. Then they said if the computer does not have the AV or I. LINK port, to purchase a conversion cable @ ANY electronics store...well no one had one!

They said that the USB streaming on the camcorder IS compatible w/ XP. In order to transfer videos from camcorder to Windows XP, it is required that I install the supplied software in the CD-ROM. I can purchase the software from them online, BUT its going to cost me almost double than what I paid for the camera? Any ideas?