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    Producing Prank Show ( Properly ) Need Help

    Hi guys,

    I am a fourth year multimedia production student studying in Oxford, UK. For my final build project I am going to be answering the question "Can consumer level equipment be utilized to produce a professional level TV show package."

    I will be producing a prank show.

    I currently work for a local video production company and know a lot of the video people around Oxford. I will be able to get copious amounts of kit at little to no expense which is pretty fantastic!

    I'm currently brainstorming for:

    a name for the prank show
    prank ideas
    unique equipment I could utilize
    problems I will potentially face (health and safety + ethics are big in this one too )

    Just wondering if anyone has anything at all they can contribute brainstorm wise?


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    Hi, seeing as you are at the brainstorming stage I do a lot of stuff with 'litter' and I am very keen to raise its awareness and 'somehow' work out a way to eradicate this 'problem' from our neighbourhoods, our Country, our World. If you were at all interested to come up with some 'pranks' with litter awareness as the theme I'd be interested to talk more. Could be fun as well as being productive. All the best with your project.


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