I am a member of the team over at www.videvo.net - we are a free HD stock video and motion graphics resource.

We are releasing user accounts & forums over the next couple of months, next up is tutorials.

We are looking for a partner to work with us on the Tutorials section of the website. There are a few different ways this could work, so we will negotiate according to the individual; I will note down a couple of ways this could go just to give you an idea.

1. We pay you a flat rate for each tutorial you produce, you sign a contract and all rights go to us Ė we can put it up as Videvos own tutorial.

2. We pay you to produce the tutorials, but not as much as we would pay for an exclusive rights contract. You will be able to advertise yourself within the tutorial ( to a certain extent ) and we will openly credit you and reference to your website/youtube/blog ( this will generate you a lot of traffic, we already get a large amount of hits per day and we have a marketing budget waiting to go into action which will bring in even more people)

3. We negotiate something else which works for both parties.

Thatís the boring bit out of the way. On to the deliverables:

We are after a series of After Effects Tutorials, mostly aimed at beginners. They require high production value and must be extremely accurate and easy to follow. We will be giving you topics to do tutorials on, and we will take your ideas on board also.

I understand how much time tutorials take, so we could potentially do the edits; we can discuss this.

If you think that you could be the right person for the job, please email: hello@videvo.net