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    Editing with prem elements

    I have a home video on mini dv tape of a pianist playing a number of tunes.
    The tape was recorded with a Panasonic NV Mx 500 and captured via firewire with movie maker and saved as a dv avi file to computer.
    I have loaded the file onto the timeline in elements and the plan is to split the tunes and export audio files individually as a wav files.
    When I zoom in on the timeline I find one frame gaps in the audio , though not in the video.
    I split the gaps out and rejoin which fixes it.
    I think the tape was probably new when recording started and the video camera was sat on table pointing at keyboard.
    Q. Why would the audio be "gapped" but not the video.

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    what do you mean by gap ? is it affecting the sound ?

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    The if the video was 24fps the audio was 22 fps or something so on timeline it didnt line up.
    The audio had a slight pause when the video was stripped out.
    Anyway I deleted each gap in the audio and rejoined and it was fine.
    Took a while, I wont be doing that again.

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    That sounds really weird. Never heard of that one before.

    You probably don't want to hear this now that you've done it, but another fix might have been to delete all the audio clips except the first one and then drag that one out to extend across all the video.
    Dave Owen


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