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    How to turn a directional mic into an omnidirectional mic?

    Why does how you hold a directional mic change the pickup pattern from directional to omnidirectional?

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    It doesn't. Where did you hear that?
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    A guy at my church who is training me in the workings of the audio/visual world told me that. He asked me why how you hold the mic determines the pickup pattern, and why it can sound omnidirectional when it is actually directional.

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    Well, if you cup your hands around it, the mic will not only become omnidirectional but also lousy. A directional mic uses sound coming in the back to cancel sound coming in the front. When sound comes from the back, the two paths are the same length and the sound cancels, so the mic is dead to the back. When sound comes from the front, the two paths are different lengths so there's a time difference and they do not cancel. Some people try to improve a mic's rear-sound rejection by cupping their hands around the back of the element, but that makes it worse, not better, and it also puts ridiculously bad peaks in the frequency response. The back part must remain open. A directional mic should only be held by the body, far away from the business end.


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