Hi, this is my first post here. I've been googling for a solution to make my Sennheiser G3 wireless 100 series beltpack tx work with a dynamic mic. There are threads instructing how to DIY a cable for such use. For instance, it has been suggested to avoid the 5 v power from the tx flowing thro the mic, matching trs plug's ring to xlr pin2 in the mic end, and soldering the sleeve to pin 1 and 3 would work. It doesn't seem working for me. And there are warnings that we should use some kind of capacitors and resistors to block the voltage.
Since I don't have any of these resistors in hand, I've tried multiple connecting methods and came out with matching tip to pin 1, ring to pin 2 and sleeve to pin 3, which resulted in good voice from the mic, yet i do not know if this setup will do any harm to it.
I am considering buying some capacitors or resistors to safeguard possible mic damage caused by passing voltage thro. I have no knowledge of puting resistors, so can anyone please point me to a direction?