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    The Birth of Portable Video

    A short look-back at the dawn of personal, portable video production.

    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave,

    I found it most interesting when the Professor was showing the old video equipment. I remember shooting and doing playback with the Sony 1/2 Inch open reels. There were two versions of it - B&W and the other color.

    What really caught my eye, which I can't help but laugh about to myself was the wide shot of the Professor sitting in the interview. His head was small compared to his body, all I could think of was the last scene in "Beetlejuice", where the Safari hunter had a small head because of the tribal witch doctor.

    But getting back... as I watch this introspection, I wish I had documented more of the equipment that I had used and what I did behind the scenes. With the wide spread of technology as of this day, it really nurtures everybody's artistic and operators usage to be just another tool rather than something you can specialize in. Unfortunately, this creates a lack of real engineers to create, repair and maintain systems and equipment used in the video process.

    Thanks for finding this and sharing it.
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