Hi Guys,

Some of you will remember me posting here a while back about a new site I was trying to get off the ground. I just thought i'd come back and let you know how we're doing!

For those of you who don't know, www.videvo.net is a free HD stock footage and motion graphics source which has been developed over the last couple of years in the UK. There's two of us working on it, we are both professional video producers who work at a video production company - we develop Videvo alongside our dayjobs.

We've been working very hard recently on user accounts, and they are starting to get there! We've still got a few bugs to iron out, but we are past the main bulk of work now.

We are trying to promote users to share their own footage with each other, which was a bit challenging at first - but we decided to give away a GoPro to incentivise some participation, and it worked! During the competition period we got a ton of video uploads which was really refreshing, as most of the content previously was shot by us.

Our next move is yet to be decided, but i'll post back once we have decided on our gameplan!

In the meantime, any questions? If you're looking for any specific footage or perhaps a certain type of motion graphic, i'd be happy to put it on our priority acquisition list for you.

Harry - Videvo.net