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    Using Music In YouTube Videos

    Howdy folks, posting this info in the Video Production forum as it applies to anyone producing video content that will go online. We provide music for anyone from the amateur video producers to large digital agencies and get asked many questions from those wanting to use music, whether on a budget or no budget at all about getting free music, or monetizing content with royalty free music on YouTube.

    So we wrote an article: 10 Myths and Misconceptions about using music in YouTube videos

    This addresses many views such as:

    • As long as you credit the creator/source of music online, youíre free to use it how you wish
    • I acquired the music from a free music resource online, so itís free to use
    • Royalty Free Music is free music

    Hope that provides some useful info!
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    Your post is worthy to follow. Thank you and I will try to be aware of this points for my own video.

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    Good post, I know a lot of people who could benefit from reading this!!

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    Online Video Maker

    Hello ,
    I join this forums

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