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    Video Quality goes down a lot when put on Youtube.

    I record sections of football fans when pandemonium kicks in, and upload the videos to youtube, first off all, i film with my 8mp phone camera, drag and drop the files into vegas 10 pro, make my project a internet hd video...

    "Use this setting to share a high-definition video online."

    I do a bit of editing, (cutting not much else). I then render the video with the type as

    "Windows Media VideoV11 .wmv"

    and the template as

    "6mbps hd 720-30p video"

    "Use this setting for high-quality HD video playback from a local hard drive.
    Audio: 192 Kbps, 48,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, WMA"

    Once rendered i upload the video to youtube at 720p quality but the outcome is not the best, i have been ignoring it a bit with my other videos but its really annoying me especially when i see other videos taken with phone cameras that look a lot sharper than mine.

    Any advice on how to improve the quality of my videos would be very appreciated


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    The compress on Youtube is much bigger , because it will help to playback online more smoothly. So it has to compressed the video hardly. You can convert them in H.264 high profile then update them on Youtube again

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    I'm having the same problems with my YouTube videos. I wonder why I bother recording video in HD when the result on YouTube is less than HD.

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    The problem with YouTube videos is they playback at low res unless the user selects a higher one via the cog in bottom right. I use Vimeo for my videos as they always play at the highest res.



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