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    Free Video Production Guide

    Hi all,

    I've created a free & complete Guide to Video Production and Video Marketing.

    In the guide I cover:
    The Power of Video and the latest stats.
    How to choose the right Video Production Company.
    How much professional Videos cost with 3 samples and their prices.
    How to create a brief for a Video Production Company (with a handy downloadable Word Doc).
    The 3 stages of Video Production and
    The best ways to leverage your videos to get maximum exposure…and so much more!

    Each installment has its own table of contents so you can so you can get the content that interests you the most quickly and easily!

    You can find the Guide here.
    Josh Rockman
    My Video Website

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    Josh, this is the type of content people get paid to produce. I don't know why no one has come forward to thank you yet for this outstanding level of thoroughness, but mine comes form the bottom of my bosom as I absorb the video tutorials/instructionals on the topic of client video production. It actually gives me a baseline on some freelancing plans I was starting to draw up, but changed in light of the real-time info in these videos. Mr. Rockman, thank you again...

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    Thank you so much JourneyMan...I glad it's been of value to you!
    Josh Rockman
    My Video Website

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