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    Subwoofers & Behringer Eurodesk SL3242FX-PRO

    Good day and great job to all the administrators and contributors on this site. I have a Behringer Eurodesk SL3242FX-PRO and it only has a 1 mono output jack and a 1 mono output volume fader. I have 2x dual 18 inch bass bins and need to know how to pick them out for the right and left channels given that the mixer only has 1 mono output.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not sure why you think it has only one mono output. This board has 3 pairs of stereo outs: TRS and XLR (which are both balanced outs), and an RCA pair (to connect to a consumer level stereo). Connect either of the balanced outs to a crossover, then to your amps, one for the mids/highs (of course you didn't say whether you have these speakers or what they are) and the other for the lows.
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