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    My new Online Portal, Comments plz!

    hi I am a graphics and multimedia person from Lahore. I have made my first portfolio website and I'd love to hear comments and advices from all you creative designers.

    thanks, Fazal

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    On the whole I think it's got a nice feel and effect. Perhaps a bit dark for my liking but if that's the market you're going for that's fine.

    I think you should lose the "Best viewed with..." text. No-one is going to change their settings just to see your site and all it says is that your site is not as good as it could be. A good site should look fine in any common resolution.

    The Assortment page is a little confusing - the links seem to do different things and some of them don't work. Don't use zip files if you can help it - people won't unzip a file just to see what it is.

    If you want feedback you need to provide an easier method. At the moment people have to manually copy your email address into an email. A form would be much quicker and easier.

    As I said though, a nice-looking site. Good work.
    Dave Owen

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    Your website looks great. I really like the design. The only problem I see with it is that it is not obvious what I am there to do or, more importantly, how I am to do it. Make your navigation much much more obvious and add some text to your main page that doesnt blend so well with the design. Make your content stand out abit better. When I am designing a website I usually have someone that is not web-savy look at it (my mom usually...) and if she dosn't know what to do in 5 seconds I know that I am missing a crucial user cue. The best designed website is completly useless is if nobody can figure out how to use it.

    On abit of the same note as Dave's comment about the "best viewed with." Putting that in there is your choice. I would strongly warn you against testing your website with Internet Explorer however. When coding your website you should test it in firefox. The reason for this is simple: if it works in firefox it will almost always work in IE. The reverse is not true. Do your testing and design work in firefox and then also check it in IE.

    Above all you need need need to vaidate your sites content:


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