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    need help with flatbed scanner; thin colored vertical lines visible

    I have this HP2200c flatbed for three years now, and I've been using it for mostly for its basic purposes; scan a pic, put it on a resume in word etc

    It's Just a couple of months ago that I've started using Photoshop and dive into the art of Photo restoration, and I've decided to use the scanner I mentioned.

    After scanning a few images for restoration, I noticed that on the jpg file that there are these consistent very thin vertical lines in some areas of the jpg picture. I checked the original physical picture and found that these thin lines weren't present. I scanned another picture and the resulting jpg file also had these thin lines on the same areas like the previous picture so I figured that the problem was with the scanner.

    The lines came in different colors; one was blue, the other yellow, and the other one red.

    I have thought of purchasing a new scanner, though, I would like to know how to fix it first, considering that problems like this wil begin to manifest on the new scanner when it eventually ages. The warranty is already expired, so returning it is out of the question.

    Anyone know how to fix this problem? If not, can you link me to site, forum or tutorial that discusses this sort of thing? I've tried searching google, and I can't seem to enter the right keyword for searching the relevant information I need for this problem

    Thank you in advance

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    It could be that the scanner's mirror is dirty so make sure it's clean. Also, try warming the scanner up before using it.

    Otherwise it could be faulty CCDs in which case a new scanner is in order.
    Dave Owen

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    I see. If the problem is with the CCD ( by the way, what is a CCD? ) can you guys recommend me a good entry level to medium level scanner?



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