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    Help understanding Value of Emotional Fingerprinting

    I was hoping to get some feedback on the value of “emotional finger-printing” music for the purpose of identifying additional tracks that seem similar. A good deal of work has already been done to develop simple fingerprinting identification in support of ID3 tag correction etc. However, aside from overly broad genre classifications, this work does not address how a song feels or sounds to an individual. I see a lot of interesting work being done, attempting to extend basic fingerprinting technology to allow the identification of material that carries the same feel and emotional impact for a listener.

    The basic question is whether this work is fundamentally important or not?

    I put a quick survey form up that takes less than a minute to fill in. If your have the time, I would greatly appreciate your input.

    I would be happy to publish the summary back to the group.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Done. Please do let us know the results if you can. Good luck.
    Dave Owen


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