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    Can I get a manual for a Sony DSR-PD170P, please?

    Hi everybody,

    I need a User Manual for the Sony DVCAM Camera DSR-PD170P. We used to have this one at our Music University, but I'm no longer there, yet need information about the camera for a dissertation I'm writing. As the model is quite well-known, I hope you can help me? Thanks.


    - Sorry, I just don't find where to delete such a message -

    Sorry, I forgot to check the many other requests in this forum first. Surely, somebody has yet asked for the manual. Somehow I first thought maybe only those who write the threads will be able to read the replies. But that's not how such a forum works. Sorry again.
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    Hey no problem Matthias. Someone else has asked for this manual but unfortunately the "manual" we got from Sony isn't really a manual at all, it's little more than a promotional brochure. FWIW, here it is:

    The closest thing we have to a proper manual is the DSR-PD150:

    If anyone knows how to get hold of the real manual for the DSR-PD170, please let us know.
    Dave Owen


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