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    How to convert ?

    I have one file with extension *.mjp
    I want to convert it into *.wmv or any formated files that can use on desktop computer. Can you please tell me how to convert that file or can you show me the way to do that ?
    Thanks anyway !

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    Hmm well I know of a host of convertors but that file type is new to me... I did a quick Google search for it and most of my results were in Asian...

    I'm afraid I can't recommend any software off the top of my head, best bet is to research what kind of file it is and exactly what it's used for... or at best give the forum more info...

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    He is right it is Asian, and you are probably not going to be able to do what you are wanting easily, however, That will involve reencoding the video, There are a few applications availavle, Dr.DivX is a good one for encoding to DivX, there are other applications that can convert to avi also, VirtualDub and NANDUB are designed to put videos into sync but you can save as avi. They are the only applications I know of..
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    Maybe you can let us know the brand/model of the product you are holding which gives this type of file .mjp (moving jpeg or motion jpeg something...)

    The sites with converters are mainly in Chinese, and I usually am concerned about what I am downloading for use...
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