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    Hi Dave,
    I would be considered a “newbie” here in this area of expertise, but I have a vast interest in this field and plan on pursuing my goals none the less. My question is multi-faceted, and therefore I will try to keep it as short as possible.
    I have many hours of Hi-8mm (sony-cam-corder) which was taken in the mid to late 90’s and would very much like to edit it with music and special effects, then possibly later down the road my interest could take this to a new level.
    Some of the software I’m aware of (I think) which will allow me to accomplish this is Adobe premier Pro, final Cut and several others just to name a few. Then, I came across some software from “Serious Magic” called Ultra-2. But in the FAQ forum it indicated that it is not a finishing program (meaning it will not produce a final video)….all this has me quite confused and I’m looking for some clarification on the “software” issue.



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    Hi Gary,

    If you're talking about Serious Magic Ultra-2, it's not a full editing package - it is a specialist chroma-keying application. This isn't what you're after.

    If you can afford something like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, you're going to have lots of fun. Both these packages are serious editors and will stand you in good stead. The main difference is that Premiere is PC-only and FCP is Mac-only, so that is what will probably decide it for you.

    Premiere Elements is a much cheaper version of Premiere and will get you started, but if you have a strong interest then you'll outgrow it. If you can go straight to Premiere Pro, that would be my recommendation.

    If you are really keen on special effects and audio work, the Adobe Video Collection is the real deal for PCs. It includes Premiere Pro, AfterEffects (compositing and special effects), Audition (audio) and Encore DVD (powerful DVD authoring). Buying the collection is significantly cheaper than buying all the separate packages, but still not cheap though
    Dave Owen


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