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    Help (Newbie here in Video Editing)

    I have tried to edit or what you call it, a movie, i cropped it coz theres a small world at the buttom of the movie itself, so what i do is cropp the buttom and also the upper part, then resize it to its normal size, my problem is this how could i make a video edited file, that has the same quality with a DVD format, coz i dont have a DVD writer, so i only burn it in VCD format.

    i have tested it, and seems i see square pixels in my TV set, seems the pixels are strech, and i want to make it like a DVD or format it in the same as the original version. thanks i'm just a newbie here in video editing...

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    Hi there,

    It always helps to tell us exactly what you're using to edit your movies. What software do you use? What format are you shooting and editing with?

    If you crop the image and then resize it back to the original you will lose quality. This is because you have shrunk the image and reduced the overall number of pixels, then stretched it out back to the original size. You end up with the same sized image which has been made from a smaller number of pixels, so lower quality.

    How would it look if you covered up the unwanted part of the picture with a black strip instead of cropping the whole picture?

    One other thing - video editing needs lots of settings such as compression type & ratio, etc. To avoid losing quality unnecessarily, you need to learn about these settings in your software. As a rule, never compress anything until the very last step (when you export to a file).
    Dave Owen


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