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    Re: wattage of amplifier

    Quote: andrewr
    opps!! I sending the wrong message!! I meant piggyback one 400 watt speaker to another 400 watt speaker meaning you plug the amplifer into one of the parallel in/outs on the first speaker and then you plug the other speaker into the other parallel in/out connection, I know that the speakers that can do this say parallel inputs/ outputs, but it seems to me that these would be wired in series by connecting them in this manner... But you know what, that leads me right back to needing to research speaker design to see how exactly these parallel in/outs are wired (if they're wired in series so that is the first speaker would fail, it wouldnt send the audio onto the next speaker, or if they have them wired so that if the speaker fails and then it just passes right back though to the next speakers...) I just dont get it.. ITS SO FUSTRATING!! If any of you know how these speakers are wired, then please let me know... Thanks!! (you gotta love all my smileys that I put in here)
    Although some commercial speakers have in/out jacks which enable you to piggyback [one speaker to another in chain like fashion], I agree with SC358. Don't do it!!!. I think you will find that these speakers are wired in a parallel mode. The In/Out jacks are not connected to each other rather the input wires to the first speaker are pigtailed to the out jack BEFORE reaching the first speaker ciruitry. When the first speaker fails the next one continues to produce sound. That is that the sound input for each speaker connects directly to the amplifier. It does not pass through each speakers circuitry [other than the aforementioned pigtailing] to the next one. Pull the back off your speakers and look at the wiring.
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    its reccommended that you buy an amplifier with slightly more power than ur speakers and juz never turn them up past what ur speakers can handle, that way it never clips at max

    jbl has an article on this somewhere

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