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    Smartsound Sonicfire Pro


    I am an independent filmmaker and needed to create a decent soundtrack within 2 weeks time. Has anyone used the Smartsound Sonicfire Pro for their productions? Is it as good as what's presented here? Seems to good to be true. Comments appreciated


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    Spam Alert

    This message from "supertronik" looks suspiciously like spam originating from someone associated with The exact same message has been posted on forums all over the Internet starting almost two weeks ago. If it's genuine, this person is still asking for advice on what software to use when their deadline is already here.

    In addition, every forum "supertronik" visits the same thing happens - they register as a new user, post this spammy message once, then disappear.

    At this stage my advice about Smartsound Sonicfire Pro is: Don't support them! The evidence strongly suggests they are forum spammers. Convince me otherwise and I'll retract.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Smartsound Sonicfire Pro

    Yes, this is spam. Stay away from it.


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