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    Question about my sound system

    i recently bought an Alpine player, CDA-9831 and when i was listening to it, it was great. i went inside my house to get an MP3 disc to try and it work, so i decided to make another MP3 disc. When i went outside to try again, there were no sound coming from my speaker, but the bass from my subs were still hitting. My question is, does anyone know what's going on or any way to fix it? Thanx in advance...

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    check your amplifier(s) for your horns and/ or tweeters and make sure it didnt blow a fuse and that the circuit breaker didnt trip. That's all i can recomend that you check accept checking your all your wires and make sure the connections are tight. It'd help alot if you told us exactly how you have all of your speakers wired together as well as amplifier ohms, watts and speaker ohms and watts would help us alot becuase we're just guessing right now... hope this advice helps!


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