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    XLR to 1/4" Mono Jack


    On the page: XLR to 1/4" Mono Jack in the first example you show that Pins 2&3 on the XLR both go to the Sleeve. In the second example, you have Pins 1&3 getting jumpered and ultimately go to the Tip.

    2 Questions....

    1) Was the second example in error, in that pins 2&3 should be jumpered instead of 1&3, or were you just trying to show that +ve / -ve isn't important?

    2) I have in my possession a few Mono 1/4" to XLR cables that were purchased and they are wired differently altogether. They have 1 wire going from the XLR to the Tip, 1 wire going to the Ring and one wire going to the shield in the cable itself.

    The question on #2, is, what are the cables I have in my possession for versus what your wiring diagram is for?

    They have to be different, as the ones I have in my possession don't always fit the bill. ie: I'm a Bassist and I have one old cabinet that has an XLR Male connector on it. If I wire from that cabinet to a 1/4" jack on my amplifier, I don't get ANY sound at all, nothing. If I wire it the way you describe in example 1, it works like a champ!

    Thanks for your time....

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    classic phase cancellation

    ok, to answer your question, the way that this website shows the XLR being wired is correct. Also, whatever you do, do NOT connect pin 2 and 3 together as you WILL NOT get any sound. the way you want to wire 1/4" stereo/ 1/4" TRS to XLR is as follows: tip to 2, ring to 3, sleeve to 1. But if you are wiring 1/4" mono/ 1/4" TR then wire tip to 2 and the sleeve to 1 and DONT connect ANYTHING to 3 as this will result in either ground looping or phase cancellation. The way you want to be wiring it since your a bassist, you're running 1/4" mono, so just connect tip to 2, then 1 and 3 to the sleeve and that will get your bass working. The reson why you get no sound when you connect pin 2 and 3 together, that is becuase pin 3 is the exact same audio wave as 2 except its inverted, meaning that if you were to look at the audio waves on a graph, this is what would be happening: (please refer to the JPEG that I have attached once I attach it tomorrow). Also, If you want to learn more about why you get no sound when you connect pin 2 and 3 together, then look at my "phase cancellation" thread and that will explain it, though its kinda long but its worth it, I personaly think. OOO. sorry , almost forgot question number 2, the way that its wired up is exactly what you want for converting XLR TO 1/4" mono, the only thing that I'd do to make sure there isnt any ground looping, connect XLR pin 1 to the sleeve and pin 2 to the tip and just leave pin 3 unwired.. Either one of these ways will work, but imake sure you dont get ground looping if you wire it up the way this website says to.. HOPE THIS HEELPS!!
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    Re: XLR to 1/4" Mono Jack

    Try this link. It has a chart on how to wire just about every kind of connector. It's accurate.


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