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    Problem with XLR to 1/4" Instrument Jack

    I've recently been having some trouble with my recording equipment. On a low budget, I bought an M-Audio Solo from the store and was trying to connect two mics to it. The Solo only has one mic XLR and one 1/4" unbalanced instrument jack for your guitar.

    Is there any way to connect another mic to it? The guy at the store told me to buy a Microphone Impedance Matching Transformer attachment so I did. I got the "Audio-Techinca" model CP8201 250-50K ohms, but it still doesn't work. I can plug my guitar into it and get a nice response, but I get nothing out of the previous setup. I'm wondering what I should buy for a quick fix. My knowledge is pretty limited about sound recording.

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    Can you return the merchandise that you bought for a mixer that has 2 mic inputs and a line input for the guitar? There's no way around it. I realize your on a budget, but investing improperly by making shortcuts creates additional problems down the line. I don't mean to lecture, it always pays to research your needs before laying out the cash.

    If your in the states, try checking Musicansfriend, Sam Ash, or Markertek, online - hopefully there's something useful within your budget.
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