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    Avid 4.6's effects

    Fellow media college memebrs, I have run into a problem with one of my contest videos for school, I need to tape some people but I need to blur their faces out, I've tried all the effects in the film effects or whatever the tab is called in avid 4.6 and I haven't found anything that can blur somebody's face out like they do on news stories when somebody doesnt want their face shown . I know that avid is definately powerful enough to do this simple task but I just havent ever needed to do so. Please, any of you who know how to do this what seems a pretty simple task based on what kind of avid effects I've had to do for some videos, please let me know so I can blur those faces that I need to!! THANKS! andrewR

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    I think the trick would be to duplicate the video track and place the new track above the original one. Apply a blur filter to the top track, then crop it so only the face is left. Does that make sense?
    Dave Owen

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    yeah that makes alot of sense... WOW I cant belive I didnt think of that, I always thought avid had some effect that specifically blurred faces and you just set the X an Y points and cropped the effect each frame by adding a key frame each frame or atleat 5 frames or so, assuming the blur still covers the face then, but yeah it makes perfect sense what you're saying. Thanks yet again Dave, peace out!


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