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    Any tips on Video consultation in a clinic setting??

    Hello !

    I am hoping to improve the training of our nurses and doctors alike by filming eachothers clinic consultations, as we all feel we could learn alot from eachothers good consultations. Does anyone have experience with setting up videos in small rooms and getting something useful out of the interview. Any top tips on lighting, sound etc in very small rooms, finding the best angle to catch the interviewer, but keep the confidentiality of the patient, etc.

    I 'd be delighted to hear some of your tips!!

    Greetings and thanks for responding!


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    Hi Antje,

    A small camera with a wide angle lens would be best for this situation. It sounds like you'll be placing the camera behind the patient (facing the interviewer) which will help prevent it from being a distraction for the patient, but in any case smaller cameras seem to be less intimidating for people who feel camera-shy. It makes no sense but it seems to be the case.

    To be honest I don't think lighting and sound will be too much of an issue unless you have something which gets in the way, such as a window letting in harsh light or a heater/fan over-riding the sound. For this type of video it's the content which matters rather than the technical quality of the video. As long as the sound and lighting are acceptable there's no need to strive for outstanding quality.

    Try a test run and see how you go. If anything goes wrong or needs improving we might be able to help.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Any tips on Video consultation in a clinic setting??

    Like you, I am a physician. I worked in the UK (London (Royal Free) and Manchester -Diabetes Center) and now in San Diego, USA.
    I have a suggestion that may work for you. I am currently using this system to record interactions in my group and in the setting of a discussion group-Cafe Scientifique San Diego.
    Click link for example of one of our recordings:
    Click play to view.

    The advantages are:
    No technical expertise required
    No expensive equipment (all I use is a Logitech pro 4000 webcam)
    All web-based (you can secure it by making it private)

    What to do:
    Get a camera (as above)
    Plug in to your computer with internet access.
    Get an account
    Recommend a platinum plus account:
    (This has the suitable recording duration-up to 5 hours)
    Log on to your account, record your content. It is archived instantly and can be viewed from any computer. Keep those recordings as long as you want.

    Hope this helps.


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