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    laptop recording

    hopefully someone here can help me. i make flash cartoons on the internet and i had recently decided to buy more professional microphone instead of using the $9.99 pc mic i bought from circuit city. ironically, ive been a musician for many years but still didnt know barely anything about mics so i went to my local music store and told the guy what i needed it for and he said the best product they had in the store was the shure sm58 dynamic. im trying to record with it now on my laptop and the sound quality sounds really good but i can barely hear it. obviously if i keep raising the volume on the sound clips in my audio software, the more fuzz you get along with it, so im all out of ideas. i have a cheap optimus unidirectional microphone that records at a decent volume, but the sound quality is el crappo so i dont know if its just the mic or what. please help someone

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    It might be the mic pre in your laptop. Consider using an outboard mic pre and send it through the line in on your computer and see if this helps. The other thing to look for is a wiring problem. How are you adapting the xlr to 1/8" TRS?

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    Connecting a mic to the laptop?

    I am a totally newbie and with the chance of soundning like an total moron. This is a little off topic, but since you jrhalfo have at least been able to connect a mic to your laptop, I was just wondering how you do it? Where do you connect it?

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    If your laptop is capable of taking an external mic, it will almost certainly be a 2.5mm jack input. Have a look around the laptop and see if you can find one. The plug looks like the picture below - you're looking for an input (hole) which would take this plug. It's a circular hole measuring 2.5mm in diameter.

    Note that the input could be exactly the same size as a speaker output - it's best not to get these confused. See if there is an icon next to the input(s) to show whether it's a mic or speaker.
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    I've had the same problem trying to record onto my notebook. My Shure SM-57 doesn't give me any output at all and the computer mic I had was worthless so I went out to Circuit City and got one of these. It works pretty good, but still doesn't give much output. I have to use the "volume maximizer" in Cakewalk Pyro in order to have good volume. It adds some to the file size, but works fine otherwise. I would love to find a way to get my SM-57 working with it.

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    With my SM57 I plug it into a behringer preamp and then run a guitar cable from my preamp into a 1/8'' converter and then into my laptop and presto! works great

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    Re: laptop recording

    I hope someone here can help me. I've lost my Behringer preamp power supply. It has Minidin 3 pin power jack ( The Germans doing it on a hardway). I bought the jack in the lockal store and need a pin assignment. Or the voltage at list.


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