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    Correctly Wiring a 1/4" Stereo Plug.

    Several basic questions:
    1. Viewing the plug from the connection [back] side; are the two tabbed connectors the hot ones, 1. [left] being the Tip, 2. [right] being the Ring. If so, the untabbed (or blunt) connector [3] would be the Neutral [or Cold] connected to the Shield. If splitting to two RCA connectors [from your illustration], the Tip would go to the left and the Ring to the right; with Neutral split to both.

    2. I have four stereo jacks mounted using regular speaker wire [two conductor]. Any problem with using a single length of electrical wire [THNN] for the third connection. The insulation appears to be better and the wire is copper.

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    Re: Correctly Wiring a 1/4" Stereo Plug.

    With regards to question 1, the tip and ring can b considered as left and right while the sleeve can be ground. Considering it will be a stereo input/output and not a balanced I/O jack.

    Using a THNN may work as a speaker cable but I usually use it as electrical cabling. Try using a flat cord of 14AWG gauge.


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