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    Drive-by Question

    Beta SP playback

    Hello, I'm a drive-by (surf-by?) guest. I've been out of the video industry for over a decade now, so I don't normally visit these types of sites. So what brings me here?

    I have some old production demos that I created way back that are on Beta SP Tape. I've been wanting to review these, and probably dump some of them onto my HD so I can burn them to DvD.

    My question is in being able to play these tapes. Do I *have* to use a BetaSP deck? Can I play them back on a regular BetaCam deck? If I remember correctly, I would loose 2 audio channels. I don't think thats an issue.

    I've been pricing deck on ebay. I'd like to get something cheap just so I can playback these old tapes. I don't intend on getting back into production, dont need a recorder.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    If your tapes were recorded in SP, then you'd have to playback on an SP deck. Have you checked out a place that can transfer the tapes for you? It may be cheaper than purchasing a machine with questionable abilities. Sometimes a video equipment rental place will make simple dubs (not the dvd/vhs rental store).

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