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    SONY mp4

    hi guys, i followed what mikex16 said in his reply, i followed the instructions on the utility, buy my mp4 memory changed from 2GB to 233Mb, waaaaaaaaaaaaa.. why is that,,??? can anyone tell me? please.. i want it to be 2GB agen.. uhuhuh tenx in advance.

    or e-mail me

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    mp4 player installer

    I would like to get Sony Mp4 player installer. FM+ Rec.

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    if u cant beat them, join them

    i bought the sony mp4 player 1gb capacity. i can only use 240 something mbs!(after retuning the first one had 2gb but wit 200mb usable! ha)
    looks like everyone has the same problem! some Chinese dudes made up the player,made it have some extended memory no one will ever use. i think its a kind of techno fault. we'll need some software to actaully use the other memory or stop complaining and learn to use the player (think we were fooled)
    try this:
    1. when formatting, use the software it came with if u have it instead of windows disk manager
    2. when adding music to a collection already in the player. back up the player files. format the drive and copy all the new stuff plus back up all at once.
    3. if u want to know the real capacity supported, make sure the music files have bit rates more than zero. always delete files with 0 bit rate, the player will hang and restart when it tries playing the files. check the size of bit rated music the player can hold. that's the real capacity
    4. never trust Chinese fellas!

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    How do you format the drive, my friend has an mp4 and he took everything off it and now it wont even let him put an empty file on it i just need help on formatting the drive or how to reset the Mp4, and by the way its a 4gb if u needed to know



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    Sony Mp4

    aehhae, anyone? who can help me. I have a SONY MP4, I used it for 2 months only but how come I couldn't turn it on. everytime I press the switch, the green light appears but how come the LCD won't appear.

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    Generic MP3 MP4

    If you are going to buy online check how long someone has been a member, write to them about the products.

    I bought a small wholesale of these from a USA distrib
    (they all come from China) I have not had problems with mine. ITs 1 GB. I have 1 movie on there and songs because I wanted to test the memory etc... before I listed them. Supposedly 1GB is not the same in both places, go figure that one. I read some articles first is all.

    All generic are not the same.

    I had to figure out how to use it thats for sure but I never had an Ipod or anything. They must be working for some people because I did see a lot of feedback. If you paid with paypal they have their own buyer protection. I onl use paypal for that reason.

    Well hope it works out for those who bought duds.

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    win XP not recognizing MP4 Player

    I have purchased unnamed MP4 Player but it is not recognized by Win XP. Except for power on nothing comes up. Manual says "CONNECT" shoud appear.
    Can any on help.Firmware is AK1025_LKD_V30F 9.1.52

    Thank you

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    Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    hello I need some help with my SOny Digital mp4 player i think its the model SV998. im not totally sure it was just a gift i tried formatting it and lost all my files everything. need help please email me at thank you

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    تمام يا معلم

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    Sony MP4 cannot be formatted

    Sony Mp4 cannot be formatted. Memory shown as 1 MB instead of 2GB.
    firmware version -b623n2v2.6 9.0.50
    please help my email id


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